Before & After #161 – Special Edition: Maria Theresa Thalers

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The Restoration of a Maria Theresa Thaler Coin Jewelry Piece

Have you ever heard of “Difference Coin Jewelry?” This type of jewelry stands out from regular coin jewelry, where typically, a coin is transformed into a pendant for a necklace. The term “Difference” implies that the coin has been meticulously hand-cut by professional artisans, often removing the coin’s background to highlight its design.

Coin jewelry is relatively rare in our repair centers. However, we recently received a piece for restoration. Initially unfamiliar with the type of coin it was, we conducted some research and discovered that it was a “Maria Theresa thaler,” a silver bullion coin that has been continuously minted and used in world trade since 1741.

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Named after Empress Maria Theresa, who ruled over Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia from 1740 to 1780, an estimated 400 to 800 million thalers have been minted since its inception. The coin became the official trading currency in most German-speaking countries and was even the sole currency in some regions during World War II. After 1901, “thaler” evolved in German-speaking countries to “taler,” eventually leading to “daalder,” “daler,” and then “dollar” in English-speaking countries.

Often hailed as “the World’s most beautiful coin,” the Maria Theresa thaler can be found both as a silver bullion coin and in silver Proof form.

Upon learning about the coin’s significance, we were eager to feature its restoration in our before-and-after series. The owner had very specific restoration requests for their treasured piece. The restoration process for this pendant necklace included:

  • Shortening the sterling silver necklace chain to 18 inches
  • Soldering the rose gold jump ring onto the pendant
  • Soldering the yellow gold jump ring to the female end of the chain clasp
  • Thoroughly cleaning and polishing the necklace and pendant
  • Adding a matte finish to the pendant

And voilà! The piece was beautifully restored, looking as splendid as ever and ready to be cherished once again by its owner.

Our jewelers at My Jewelry Repair possess all the necessary skills, experience, tools, and certifications to undertake any jewelry repair. We were delighted to return this beautifully restored piece to its owner.

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