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Servicing Your Automatic Watch Movement

With premier services including movement cleaning and complete overhaul, the quality care and repair that our certified watchmakers provide will ensure premier and optimal performance for your Automatic Mechanical Watch Movement.

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They did a beautiful job on the exterior cleaning and polish

Sent my automatic watch to these folks for repair as it was no longer keeping accurate time, they assessed the watch for needed repairs and sent me the estimate which I approved. About three weeks later I received a email stating that my watch had shipped, they provide a tracking

Gordon M.

“Searched All Over Russia/Ukraine for the Parts Needed”

This particular work order took over a year to fully complete, with the watch being sent back three times for all the work to be done properly. I do understand that this was harder project given that it’s a vintage Russian movement, but I can’t tell you enough how much

I feel like I have found a treasure

THANK YOU for restoring my Montana Silversmiths Earrings back to their original condition! You did an awesome job, and, they are as beautiful now as when I purchased them over 25 years ago! I called Montana Silversmiths and spoke with Sheila Green in Customer Service, and gave her your contact

Jennifer Greene
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Automatic Mechanical Watch Repair Services

There are several things to consider about when sending in your mechanical watch to be serviced: if you watch is on time, the age of your watch, and the last time you had your watch serviced. Over a certain period of time, your watch needs to have a complete disassembly and overhaul to give your mechanical watch the proper care that it needs. Cleaning and lubrication is necessary and key for having your watch is operating accurately.

Repair Before & After #130 of a Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Restoration with Dial Refinishing and Premier Watch Repair Services

(Before & After #130)

Before & After #137 Vintage Model 1955 Omega Automatic Timepiece Receiving Premier Dial Refinishing and Restoration Services

(Before & After #137)

Certified Watchmakers Expert in the Craft

Access to Watchmakers From Anywhere in the US

At My Jewelry Repair, our team of Master Craftsmen have over 20 years of experience bringing timepieces back to their former glory, no matter how simple or complicated your timepiece may be.

Services regarding any type of watch movement require careful and expert skill. We make the quality care and repair of your watch as a priority whether it be for a complete overhaul or a simple battery replacement to keep your watch ticking with minimum wear. Our Watchmakers set the standard and have many Certifications, including:

  • CW21
  • SWATCH Group

Among others, and more still to come! (Learn More)

Professional Parts Sourcing Team

Genuine parts, especially for rare vintage watches, can be a challenge, but our long history within the industry has given us access to great sources around the globe. Even if the parts are no longer available, our certified watchmakers can manufacture some parts if needed.

We Service Various Watch Makes & Models

BulovaAccutronSwiss ArmyCitizenGucciOmegaSeikoTag HeuerMovadoVictorinox, Pocket Watches, Vintage Timepieces and more.

Free Standard Shipping* and Free Evaluations

You don’t pay anything until you approve a repair or have us send it back to you at no charge.
*Partnered Stores/Manufacturers may have their own requirements for shipping and/or insurance specifications.

What is an Automatic Mechanical Watch Movement?

Automatic watches, also known as “self-winding,” wind itself while worn on the wrist. Automatic movement watches are also a mechanical caliber, but the distinction of an automatic movement watch is that it does not need manual winding as it winds itself without a battery.

These types of movements are self-winding due to having a type of rotor that keeps the mainspring moving. The presence of this rotor also tends to make the watch itself heavier. The one drawback is that if you don’t wear an automatic watch for a prolonged period of time, the watch might need servicing as it depends on the motion of the watch wearer.

There are also specific types of automatic watches that can be hand-wound. Not every type of automatic watch has this capability, but generally after you hand-wind the watch once, it’ll be back to normal.

What is the difference between an Automatic Mechanical and Manual Wind Up Watch Movement?

One of the key differences between Automatic (Kinetic) Mechanical Watches and Mechanical Wind Up (Manual) Watches and is that Wind Up Watches do not have the presence of the self-winding rotor. To learn more about this concept look into the Types of Watch Movements.

There are other Watch Movement Repair Services that include the other types of movements such as:

If your watch needs a different kind of repair, take a look at our Full Catalogue of Watch Services.

Automatic Mechanical Watch Timepiece Receiving Premier Watch Movement Services
What Type of Movement is This?

This is an Automatic Mechanical Movement!

Close Up Manual Winding Mechanical Timepiece Movement Receiving Premier Watch Services
What Type of Movement is This?

This is a Manual Wind Up Movement!

Elite Watch Servicing Environments

My Jewelry Repair is committed to providing premier watch repair services for your watch. Any type of watch that we receive will go through our state-of-the-art Watch Repair Service Center. This Repair Service Center was specifically made to have your watch movement serviced in an environment that ensures that your timepiece will not be at risk with any dust nor microscopic air particles that would inhibit the proper repair.

Our certified and master craftsmen take our services seriously. Each step is taken with utmost purpose and organization to ensure that your watch is receiving the premier service it deserves.

Learn more about the Watch Repair Service Process »

Cracked Your Automatic Mechanical Watch's Crystal?

You May Need Watch Movement Servicing With a Cracked Crystal

In some cases, when a watch crystal is shattered, it is important to check on the watch movement since microscopic glass or sapphire particles can get into the movement causing damage. This can cause the need for watch movement servicing, and potentially replacement of movement parts.

For more information about our watch crystal services, please visit "Watch Crystal Replacement Services."

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Commonly Asked Watch Repair Questions

How Does Automatic Mechanical Watch Movement Repair Service Work?

The Watch Movement Repair Service depends on the type of watch movement that your watch has. Watches need to be serviced on a regular basis, just like a car would. All you would need to do is send in your living heirloom of a watch and we make sure it gets the proper care, like lubrication and complete disassembling to prevent wear and tear.

How it Works

Print your shipping label and order slip. Choose your insurance, pack your repair(s). My Jewelry Repair provides step-by-step instructions for safe packaging and travel. All you have to do from there is schedule USPS courier pickup if you don’t want to leave your home, or drop-off (with your nearest USPS location). Tracking included for safe arrival and transparency.

How Can I Tell What Type of Watch Movement I Have? Is Mine Kinetic?

There are several giveaways to identify what type of Watch Movement that your watch has. One of the easiest ways is to check the text on the back of the case or on the dial; what you can look for is the caliber number engraved within this text. You can either identify the type of movement by the knowledge of how often you wind your watch, or observing the actual movement of the watch hands. If you find yourself winding your watch on the daily, you most likely have a manual mechanical watch movement.

If you have trouble identifying the type of watch you have and need it serviced, our Certified Watchmakers will be able to do that for you with no problem.

Does My Automatic Mechanical Watch Movement Type Need To Be Serviced?

It is recommended that your watch should be serviced every three to five years, also depending on how long the watch has been with or without the wearer's wrist. If you hear rattling when you lightly shake it or the timing of the movement is slightly off, these may be signs to get your watch serviced.

Remember, not all watches require repair, but all watches require routine care and maintenance.

How Much Does Automatic Watch Movement Repair Cost?

It all depends on what your watch needs. Repairs such as a crystal replacement can get a little complicated depending if it's cracked, or shattered and glass fragments have damaged the movement. The chart below gives some insight to the most common types of watch repair services.

Watch Repair Pricing

Pricing chart for costs associated with some common watch repair services. Pricing may vary for certain brands, luxury and/or vintage watches.
Battery Replacement (includes pressure test)$39.99
Leather Band Repair/Replacement$49.99
Crystal Replacement$59.99
Stem & Crown$69.99
Movement Clean & Overhaul - Quartz$129.99
Mechanical Clean & Overhaul - Movement$249.99
See Full: Pricing List
What If I Don't Know What Kind Of Watch Repair I Need?

Watches can be complicated and sometimes delicate objects, many of which are one of a kind. Our master watchmakers take utmost care during every step of the repair and restoration process.

Common Watch Situations

Watches generally come to us due to:

  • Watch worn during inappropriate activities
  • Improper use of chronograph functions
  • Exposing watch to magnetic fields
  • Improper watch function settings
  • Winding a watch while wearing it
  • Cross-threading watch crown
  • DIY battery replacement
  • Improper watch storage

Unless you’re a specialist, don’t try this at home. We see a lot of interesting stuff that comes to us from those do-it-yourself folks.

From professional battery replacements to mechanical movement overhauls, we have all of your watch repair needs covered!
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What Does A Watch Repair Warranty Usually Cover?

We Can Take Care of What Your Warranty Won't

Is your watch beyond its warranty? Send it on over to My Jewelry Repair right away for repairs with great turnaround and competitive rates!

Most new watches come with a 2-year warranty as long as you keep the recommended servicing at specific intervals set by the manufacturer. But warranty's rarely cover unforeseen accidents or negligence.

Out-Of-Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranties rarely cover:

  • Damage / scratches to watch finish (case, crystal, bracelet, strap or other components)
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with parameters of maintenance schedule
  • Moisture damage (applicable to non-water resistant watches)
  • Damage brought about by misuse, accident, or tampering
  • Damage caused by third party repairs
  • Accidental damage

We do vintage watch restoration, mechanical and automatic movement repair, quartz movement replacement, and much more!

How Long Does Watch Movement Repair Take?

Your watch will be put through diagnostic testing as soon as it is received. Once the price for the parts needed to repair your watch is received from the manufacturer, the estimate will be provided to you promptly. This entire prcess takes about 48-72 hours.

After ordering the parts needed from the watch manufacturer, they can typically be on order for 3-4 weeks. As soon as your parts are received, you can expect your watch to be completed within a week.

Following completion of your watch repair order, our Quality Assurance Team monitors it for 72 hours to ensure the timepiece is functioning properly before shipping out to you.

Watch repair times can vary for certain brands, luxury and/or vintage watches, or based on the condition of your timepiece.

For a more complete breakdown, please visit: Standard Repair Timelines

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