Diamond, the Birthstone for April

The Birthstone of April: Diamond Calling all April babies! Whether you’re an Aries or a Taurus, there’s one thing that unites you all: your beautiful birthstone. April has one of the most beloved gemstones as its birthstone: the dazzling diamond. The diamond birthstone has captured the hearts of jewelry lovers …

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Aquamarine and Bloodstone, the Birthstones for March

Combined Cut and Polished Aquamarine Bloodstone Gemstones Reflected Against Black Background

The Birthstones of March: Aquamarine and Bloodstone Calling all March babies! Whether you’re a fiery Aries or a dreamy Pisces, there’s one thing that unites you all: our incredible birthstones. March is wonderful in that it boasts not one, but two birthstones: the stunning Aquamarine and the powerful Bloodstone, each …

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Amethyst and Jasper, the Birthstones for February

February Birthstone Fine Jewelry Rings Amethyst Jasper Gemstone

The Birthstones of February: Amethyst and Jasper Calling all February babies! Whether you’re an Aquarius or a Pieces, all those born in February share two birthstones. The birthstones of February is the Amethyst and Jasper, both gemstones known for healing and positive energy. February is one of the months that …

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Garnet, the Birthstone for January

January Birthstone Isolated Reflected Garnet Gemstone Fine Jewelry Ring

The Birthstone of January: Garnet Calling all January babies! Whether you’re a Capricorn or an Aquarius, all those born in January share one birthstone. The birthstone of January is the Garnet, a gemstone most popular for its beautiful dark red color. January is one of the months that has only …

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Before & After #136

Before & After #136 Multi-Colored Gemstone Flower Bracelet Restored by My Jewelry Repair on White Background

Before & After Series A Gemstone Bracelet That Screams Flower Power! Going through our recent repairs that we’ve completed lately, this one was screaming full of flower power to have its gemstone services to be written about. Just look at the colors in this beautiful eye-catching piece! This unique 10kt …

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Topaz and Citrine, the Birthstones for November

November Birthstone Fine Jewelry Rings Topaz Citrine Gemstone Combined Featured Image

The Birthstones Of November: Topaz and Citrine Were you born in the month of November? Then we have some great news for you! Those born in November have two birthstones: Topaz and Citrine, which both happen to symbolize fortune. Read on to learn more about the symbolism, history, and features …

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Opals and Tourmalines, the Birthstones for October

The Birthstones Of October: Opals and Tourmalines There’s much to celebrate in the month of October, especially for those October babies having two birthstones! The birthstones of October are Opals and Tourmalines, which represent both passion and compassion, respectively. October is one of the months with both modern and traditional …

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Sapphires, the Birthstone for September

Loose Blue Sapphire Gemstone September Birthstone Featured Image

The Birthstone Of September: Sapphires Are you blessed with a September birthdate, feeling an undeniable sense of regality coursing through your veins? You might just have the majestic Sapphire – the sole guardian of September’s throne – to thank for that! This singular gem, embracing both modern and traditional titles, …

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Peridot, Spinel & Sardonyx, the Birthstones for August

The Birthstones of July: Ruby and Onyx Most of the months out of the year have only one or two birthstones. Luckily for the August babies, it has three! The official birthstones for August are peridot, spinel, and sardonyx, which each have their own unique history, symbolism, and personality. Here’s …

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Ruby and Onyx, the Birthstones for July

The Birthstones of July: Ruby and Onyx We have good news for all those who are born in July: you have two birthstones! The birthstones of July are the Ruby and the Onyx, one being modern, and one being one of the traditional birthstones. However, the ruby is the most …

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